Baby & Mum Classes

Buggy Fit

10am-10:45am Seth Ward Centre on the playing fields and surrounding area, restarting 10th September

What will this class involve?
A Warm up increasing into Cardio Fitness with the Buggy.  Includes an element of Toning mummy specific exercises and we finish with a cooldown and stretch.

What age range?
As long as your child will sit in the buggy for the duration of the class, they are welcome.

What do I need?
Layers of Clothes for mum and baby
Trainers for Mum
Rain Jacket & Rain Cover if we get caught out
Water for Mum
Snack and Toys for little people

Can you please let us know if you intend to attend so that we can make a list of delegates as the class will not be able to run in wet or cold weather.

Parking, Toilets, Feeding and changing facilities can be used in Seth Ward Centre

Working with Royston & Buntingford Children’s Centre

Can be booked through Children’s Centres or you can pay the instructor on the day

Baby Pilates
Monday 10th September 11:30am
Market Hill Rooms, Royston

Bookings can all be made here

Don’t panic if you cannot book online, pop along and pay Dani or Jacqui directly.

Suitable for mums with babies upto crawling age or we are happy for moving babies who will sit in the buggy for the class. 

Why do I need, or should I do Pilates now I have had my baby?
Exercise for the new mum can be a complex business. There are lots of things to consider from when it is safe and appropriate to start exercising to which type of exercise will yield the best results. A Pilates programme can be an excellent option. It focuses on dealing with issues which may have arisen during pregnancy and labour as well as providing an opportunity for new mums to have some much needed time out and specifically targets the weakened and stretched abdominal muscles.

With all the lifting and carrying of a newborn and the postural changes which can result from pregnancy, many new mums find that back pain or sciatica can be an unwelcome part of motherhood. Pilates emphasises on the deep abdominal muscles, in particular the transverse abdominus, which helps to stabilise the lumbar spine and deal with back issues. This is most effective, particularly in regard to regaining the tone of the abdominal area when teamed with pelvic floor exercises. Pelvic floor exercises are an essential part of any postnatal Pilates programme and as well as helping to strengthen the core will also help deal with stress incontinence and other issues that may have arisen such as a prolapse.

Another important factor to consider which a good Pilates class will address is that it is necessary to be careful with stretching in the early postnatal period – the hormone relaxin will be present in the body for as long as the mother is breastfeeding, meaning it is easy to overstretch if not carefully monitored.

Is it safe?

Providing you stick to the advised time period post-birth, Pilates is an extremely safe form of exercise for new mums. The current guidelines advise waiting 6 weeks for a natural birth and within the region of 8-12 weeks for a Caesarean section. Once you’ve passed these timescales, you’ll be ready to start building up your inner core strength in a safe way, ensuring that long-term your body is prepared to take on everyday physical tasks with maximum ease.

How much are sessions?

£4.00 you can pre book or just turn up on the day, if you are not sure of your daily plans

The sessions are subsidised by Royston & Buntingford Children’s Centre

Restores confidence

The benefit of post-natal Pilates is that it teaches you to focus on what is happening from within your body, so you are not just fixated on your physical appearance. Pilates will teach you to listen, understand and re-connect with your body as you exercise.

Restores control

Pilates shows new mums how to focus inwards and become more aware of their bodies. It offers the opportunity to learn how to gain mindful control of core muscles and this in turn is an excellent way to speed up post-natal recovery.

Improves Diastasis Rectus (DR)

Around 60% of women will experience DR during pregnancy. DR is the separation of the rectus abdominus, usually around the tummy button area. Through Pilates,  women can strengthen abdominal muscles and avoid further issues down the line such as back pain or sciatica. Pilates emphasises on the deep abdominal muscles, in particular the transverse abdominus, which helps to stabilise the lumbar spine and deal with back issues.

Improves the pelvic floor muscle

Pelvic floor exercises are an essential part of any postnatal Pilates programme These exercises also help deal with post-natal issues such as stress, incontinence and other problems that may have arisen such as a prolapse. Pilates teaches women to reconnect and strengthen pelvic floor muscles to help improve posture, core strength and stability.

Great for well-being

Not only does post-natal Pilates greatly improve overall body conditioning, it will stretch and strengthen you in the right places. The focus is on assisting post-natal recovery as opposed to making new mums work so hard they’re too tired to do anything at the end of it.  In turn, it can have a very calming effect on a person’s mental state which is invaluable for those busy mums looking to de-stress and re-connect with their body.

It’s sociable

Post-natal Pilates is sociable. Classes will be full of other mums, often looking for the chance to socialise, meaning you can meet and chat with like-minded people experiencing similar situations to your own. Furthermore, classes will provide some much needed ‘me’ time, something that can prove invaluable during the first few weeks of motherhood when time away from your baby can be precious.


  • Build core strength: re-awakening and strengthening the core will also provide support for your back, which may be under greater strain from feeding and carrying your baby.
  • Tone-up; with focused leg, arm and core exercises.
  • Regain hip and spine stability, to improve alignment and posture and promote back health.
  • Rediscover your pelvic floor; a priority for new mums.  
  • Energize the back, hips, shoulders and chest; even after the toughest of nights, safe and targeted exercise will boost your energy, confidence and mood.
  • You time; The class gives new Mum’s some much deserved time to focus on themselves and nurture their bodies back to shape, whilst offering a friendly and safe environment for their babies!
  • Make new friends: Our friendly and fun exercise classes are a great way to meet other new mums and make new friends in the area.