Buntingford HIIT Blast


Tuesday 7pm

Sunday 10am


For more information contact theteam@jacqui-smith.net


Summer 2021

6:30pm-7pm    Monday’s

Layston School, The Causeway, Buntingford

Saturday’s 9:15- 10:00am

Braughing Community Centre

Green Lane, Braughing

£5.00 per session


This is a full on workout, non impact or impact options available so class is suitable for all abilities.  You can work on your resistance or cardio vascular fitness









Lots of progressions and regressions to work at your own fitness level and for some, body limitations through injuries



Each month in our classes we add in Monthly Challenges such as these below





Frequent Questions

Why only 30 mintues on Wednesday’s?

5 minutes for a full body warm up, 20 mins for an intense cardio/resistance blast, 5 minutes cool down.  I promise you, no way do not need anymore than 30 minutes of the cardio/resistance blast.



Why 45 minutes on Saturday’s?

This class does involve some toning and stretch work at the end.


Will I be fit enough for staying on for fitness pilates?

Pilates as you know is for a full body stretch and help to strengthen the core, so minimal cardio effort needed.  With your muscles still warm from the Cardio Blast you will be able to help increase stretch and lengthening of muscles



Summer Months we take this class outside in the secluded school playing fields in Buntingford and the Tennis Courts at Braughing

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