About Us


Jacqui is in her late 50’s and has been interested in exercise since being a child, where she competed for Middlesex Gymnastics through her school.  She was also involved in a UK Military Band during her early teens, her claim to fame here was playing a trumpet all alone in the Royal Albert Hall aged around 11.

In her early twenties joined a local Territorial Army Unit where she met her now husband.  After having her two wonderful children, she decided she wanted to work in the fitness industry so took herself back to school.

Numerous L3 Fitness Qualifications, GP Referral.  L4 Nutrition,  a Personal Trainer Award and a  PGE Teaching Degree

She has been working in the fitness industry for over twenty five years.

For fourteen years she had also been teaching at Adult Education Centres – teaching mobility classes to the older generations.  Hooping Fitness workshops to parents and children through Family Learning in Hertfordshire & Essex.  And her last seven years of teaching working with Learning Difficulties and Disability students teaching Life Skills & Sports to the 16-19 year old sector on a part time basis at a Hertford Regional College.  She now works full time as a self employed personal trainer and teaching a variety of community classes.


Dani has been dancing since the age of 3 and at 16 she decided to make a career out of her passion and studied dancing, singing and acting at Colins performing arts for 3 years and graduated her L3 Diploma with distinction. Since leaving college she has taught dance in all disciplines including ballet, tap, modern, street and hip hop.

Alongside dancing Dani’s always had a passion for keeping fit and training other people to lead healthy lifestyles. In 2015 she became a fully qualified fitness instructor and started her fitness career teaching Pole dancing, Aerial Fitness and circuit classes. To further her career she took a course to teach Hula Hooping where she met Jacqui back in 2017!! From there she took her Fitness Pilates course and has been working alongside Jacqui ever since teaching Pilates, Dance Fit, Box Fit  and HIIT workouts.


My love of movement started at 4 when gymnastics was the centre of my world. After a back injury at 14 my path was diverted to triathlon, netball, basketball and dance.

After having my daughter I decided for a career change and trained in Pilates, meditation, strength and conditioning as well as cert 3/4 in personal training.

Movement and meditation I believe help individuals have a long and happy life





Alice is a Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer, and blending ancient practices with modern forms of fitness, favouring a cyclical approach to tailor it to the needs of women. Specialising in:
Strength Training for beginners, Pre-Post Natal Fitness, Cyclical Living & Mixed Modality Healing


Joanne is a Yoga, Pilates and group fitness Instructor who has a passion for helping people enhance their lives through exercise, with a particular interest in supporting rehab and improving mental health. 

A keen athlete, from competing in team sports and athletics at school, to marathons, tough mudder, 70.3 and 140.6 mile Ironman Triathlons as an adult, sport has always been an integral part of Joanne’s life. 

Joanne has had to recover from multiple injuries and invasive surgeries over the years, so understands the many limitations that can make keeping fit, healthy and mobile difficult. Joanne is always willing to explore and adapt her classes to suit each individual.

Isabella is a personal and group fitness instructor. She has been passionate about exercise from a very young age but it was not until after having her second child that she decided to give up her career in finance to retrain as a fitness instructor.
Isabella focuses on making exercise accessibly enjoyable for people of all ages and capabilities. She has recently accepted a position working with local GPs who want to refer patients that they consider would benefit from regular exercise as a way of improving their physical or mental health.