Welcome to Jacqui Smith Personal Trainer

The service we offer during the

Coronavirus Crisis




Bishop’s Stortford, Buntingford & Braughing Real World Classes postponed during Tier 4


Our online package – all for only £5 per week

Monday 10am Pilates Class

Tuesday 7pm HIIT Class *

Tuesday 7:30pm Pilates Class

Wednesday 7pm HIIT Workout *

Wednesday 7:30pm Pilates Class

Thursday 10am Pilates Class

Sunday 10am HIIT Class *

  • Classes can be Step No Step, Lift & Lean, HIIT Cardio, HIIT Resistance, Conditioning, Dance Fit, Hooping or Fusion Fitness

  • Online bank of over 85 workout videos to exercise to at your leisure (Dancing, HIIT, Resistance Work, Boxing, Hooping & Pilates)

  • Whatsapp group for support and motivation

  • Exercise Videos sent out directly via whatsapp


For the cost of a class a week, we will keep you supported, fit and healthy.  We can now offer a payg for individual classes we run email theteam@jacqui-smith.net or 07956 647806 for more information


We can also offer Personal Training at our Live Studio. More information here


Pay as you go Classes
       Braughing HIIT Blast

Jacqui also teach Hooping Courses, was a college lecturer and works closely with many U3A Groups


Working with Jacqui is Daniella Bavetta, who teaches many of the classes.  She also runs all the Dance Fit Classes. Dani also bakes cakes and is a qualified sports massage therapist.

We also have some help from Deb Branagan, Carllye  Elder and Renay Jacobs when we have a break from classes.

Jacqui Smith, 17 St Nicholas Field, Berden, Bishops Stortford . CM23 1AX

07956 647806                     theteam@jacqui-smith.net