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“I must be right, never an aspirin, never injured a day in my life, the whole country the whole world should be doing my exercises and they’d be happier.” – Joseph Hubertus Pilates, in 1965, age 86.

What to expect from our classes

We offer mat based classes for all levels.  Each class has 2 instructors, 1 to teach the disciplines and offer corrections and the other to demonstrate.  Classes with one instructor are listed below

All our classes are open to everyone as we offer many differentiation moves and all classes offer progressions and regressions.

We concentrate on the seven principles of human movement – hinge, plank, push, pull, squat, lunge and rotation.

All our classes are pay as you go and you can swap and change classes as much as you want


Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in 1920’s and is a full body workout working on proper alignment, good technique of moves and correct breathing.  It also increases flexibility and also induces a sense of relaxation and well being

Each week we work with different props – Gymsofts, dumbbells, gymballs, dynabands, activation bands, prickle balls and blocks to challenge the body concentrating on the core.

More information


Live Studio Classes

Monday 10:00am

Friday 10:00am

streamed live via zoom

Contact theteam@jacqui-smith.net for more information about joining classes


Venue Classes Place & Timesam_0646

Monday 10:15-11:15am RESUMING SOON




Monday 7-8pm 

Layston First School

The Causeway, Buntingford  SG9 9EU

Buntingford Pilates


Tuesday 10am-10:50am     BS U3A Pilates. RESUMING SOON

Bishop’s Stortford Swifts Football Club, Silver Leys, Hadham Road, Bishops Stortford CM23 2QE


Tuesday 11am-noon     RESUMING SOON

Bishop’s Stortford Swifts Football Club, Silver Leys, Hadham Road, Bishops Stortford CM23 2QE




Wednesday 7:30-8:15pm   RESUMING SOON

2 instructors to assist your performance

Layston First School, The Causeway, Buntingford  SG9 9EU




Thursday 11am-noon.  RESUMING SOONsam_0643







We also offer One To One Pilates sessions Click Here


Joseph Pilates was the Einstein of Fitness not only for creating a unique and highly effective exercise method, but also for discovering the healing power of core strength and the tremendous benefits of eccentric contraction, dynamic stretch, enhanced breathing, and fluid movement. Furthermore, he created one of the few exercise methods that combines everything the body needs – strength training, stretching, and aerobics. 


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Prone Pilates Sequence

Lying Abs Pilates

Standing Pilates

Supine Pilates Workout