Christmas Package


Christmas Package

Tuesday 20th December 10am Cardio Circuit / 7:30pm Pilates

Tuesday 20th December 6pm Tri Sets / 6.30pm Pilates

Wednesday 21st December 6pm Giant Sets / 6:30pm Pilates

Thursday 22nd December 10am 15mins Cardio Blast / 45minutes Stretch and Relax before the big day

Tuesday 27th December 10am Cardio & Legs / 10.30am Pilates

Tuesday 27th December 6pm Dance Fit/ 6:30pm Pilates

Wednesday 28th December 10am Cardio Blast / 10:30am Pilates

Thursday 29th December 6pm Stretch & Relax  in the New Year






All classes are streamed via Zoom.  You will be set up on a whatsapp group with class information and also receive an email on the morning of the classes at 7.30am


BACS sign up details can be sent by emailing