UK Hooping L1

UK Hooping L1 Teacher Training Course

L1 Blended Learning   (online course and 2 hour Workshop)  £120.00 Join Today!

L1 One to One Course  £140.00 Join Today!

  • You’ll learn how to teach different aspects of  hooping skills – from theory to practice
  • Learn how to structure classes, including lesson plans
  • The skills to teach
  • Problems you will come across and how to overcome them
  • Provide instructors with the ability to create fun and inspiring hoop programme to take away and teach






Why Train with UK Hooping

Why should I train with UK Hooping?  I can hoop so can incorporate into a class

Your UK insurance will not cover you to teach Hooping however much experience you have.  To be completely covered you will need to obtain UK REPs approved UK Hooping Teacher Training Workshop Qualification.

What make us different from USA Hooping organisations?

We cover all the UK Health & Safety regulations required to teach safe and effective hooping classes.  USA rules and regulations are very different to standards here in the UK.  Unfortunately USA courses are not regongnised in the UKand therefore UK insurances will NOT cover you to teach hooping,  And we do NOT charge an annual subscription fee, once you qualify, you are qualified for life.

REPS_BADGE_CPD 4_LOGOI have  attended a workshop in the UK on Hooping, is this not enough?

To be able to teach classes under your fitness insurance/sports coaching insurances you will need to attend the UK Hooping Teacher Training Workshop otherwise you insurance will NOT cover you to teach Hooping.  Other organisations are NOT covered by UK Fitness Instructor insurances as they need to be Register of Exercise Professionals approved, ours is.

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