Mission Statement

My Mission Statement

To provide a safe and effective exercise experience allowing my learners to leave feeling confident and more energised.

Tutors contribute to the achievement of these key objectives by:

Ensuring That Learners Are Successful By:

  • ensuring that information given to learners on course outlines and at the first class meeting is accurate, comprehensive, user friendly and sets up correct expectations about the course
  • carrying out an appropriate initial assessment of learners’ needs, prior knowledge/ experience and expectations 
  • negotiating realistic and achievable individual learning outcomes
  • ensuring that no learner is prevented from achieving because of poor literacy and numeracy skills


Ensuring High Levels Of Retention & Achievement by:

  • welcoming and facilitating the participation of learners, particularly those from under-represented groups, non-traditional learners and those who have benefited least from their initial education
  • creating a learning environment which respects individual differences in which all feel comfortable, respected and valued
  • motivating students, giving regular feedback on their progress and fostering a sense of achievement
  • setting targets to increase learner retention, achievement and satisfaction

Ensuring the quality of teaching and learning continues to improve by:

  • planning & delivering high quality learning opportunities which
    • take account of different student needs and learning styles
    • allow the achievement of personal learning goals
  • being inclusive
  • differentiating the learning to match learner needs
  • promoting equality of opportunity
  • reducing barriers to learning in the classroom
  • involving students in the planning and evaluation of their learning
  • using a variety of teaching methods, including e-learning where appropriate, to facilitate learning
  • recognising and recording student achievement and providing prompt feedback to learners on their progress
  • being aware of progression opportunities both within our organization and outside and advising learners accordingly
  • ensuring their own and others’ health and safety through regular risk assessment, constant vigilance and reporting of risks and promotion of safe working practices
  • keeping up to date in their subject area and attaining relevant teaching qualifications

Covid Specific Items


To reduce the spread of the virus

Participants will workout at 2m distance in all cases. Workout area will be marked out for each participant.  If we are able, teaching will be conducted outside.  Government ruling is upto 30 people outside, but we have chosen to keep classes to a maximum of 22 or in line with guidelines.   For community hall and schools we use class numbers will be based on hall size and social distancing needed.

All Community Halls & Schools are using a one way system, please make yourself aware of the entrances and exits.

Registers will be kept for each class to comply with the government’s track and trace system.  Everyone will be informed if a class participant contracts the virus.  Class participants are made aware if they feel unwell, new cough, high temperature or loss of taste not to attend classes.  We will be introducing the NHS/Government QR Scan codes on 24th September 2020

Participants are recommended to bring their own mat, head rest, water and hand sanitiser to classes.  If training kit is used in classes, you will use the same piece of equipment throughout the class to reduce cross contamination

Payments are recommended via BACS, Paypal or Pingit.  There will be a pot to pop exact funds into for classes

We will clean all workout area –  pinch points & toilets before classes, any areas where bags will be left (we suggest you bring a carrier back to pop on the floor to lay your bags on)

We will provide adequate ventilation in classes along with propping doors open to reduce cross contamination

If you have any worries or questions please email theteam@jacqui-smith.net