Evidence and Testimonials

Here you will find some photographic evidence of some of my initial delegates in 2013


Some of these students were completing the Online Program and some completed the online programme with either online exercises I offer and/or came to one of my local classes that can be part of the plan.


These were their results after 8 weeks and I can confirm as this is now their usual eating habits with their reward meal and the occasional treats,  they are all still losing body fat and are still in contact with me via my facebook closed group and/or my newletters.


I found I was not hungry and this is actually a very healthy diet

WOW how cool was this and easy

I did not realise some processed foods had so much sugar in them and I was addicted to it

I enjoyed this and will definitely keep this up now I understand about nutrition


SCALES are for fish

Take photos from all  angles and repeat in 4 weeks

Take your measurements & understand it really  is not about what the scales say with a Fatloss nutrition plan. 

Certificate Mumjenny Colin

Certificate 19.11.13 Certificate Certificate 19.12.13 Certificate Lee Certificate Sue 11.1.14